When you have a pool and you’re too busy to clean it yourself, whether it be because of work or just generally tired, then chances are, the thought of hiring a pool cleaning service has crossed your mind at least once, right? 

But you’re over there thinking whether it will be a good investment, or will it cost you more and such. So to help you out, NorCal Pool Services will tell you just how hiring a pool cleaning service like us is actually gonna help you save up on some money! 

Early detection. 

A lot of the time, expensive pool machine repairs happen when you don’t notice them at first. So when you have a regular pool cleaning service making sure it’s alright, then you can be sure that there will be no more future expenses in the future. 

Cleaning your pool. 

Along with the regular inspections, they will also clean your pools in order to make sure that no debris would find itself stuck in the pipes. This helps cut the costs of having to hire a pool cleaner every few weeks. Not to mention the hassle it would take. 


When something goes wrong with your pool, even after the professionals are done checking it and repairing what needed to be repaired, then you can be sure that they will be able to give you a refund or at least have it covered with insurance. 

In the end, having a pool cleaning service is not a bad investment. It will save you up on time and money of having to find and rehire pool cleaners or mechanics to check your pool. So if you ever want to hire the best, then check us out, NorCal Pool Service, for the best! And if you’re still in doubt, then you can just call us and you can see for yourself.