Pool Volume Calculator

Pool Volume Calculator

Calculating Pool Volume: Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Understanding the Importance of Pool Volume

  • Before you start, recognize why knowing your pool’s volume is crucial:
    • Chemical Maintenance: Ensures you use the right amount of chemicals to maintain water quality.
    • Filtration and Heating: Helps in planning the filtration cycles and heating, preventing wastage of energy and overworking of systems.

2. Gathering Necessary Measurements

  • Depending on your pool’s shape, gather the following measurements:
    • Rectangular Pools: Length, width, and average depth.
    • Circular Pools: Radius and depth.
    • Irregular Shapes: May need to segment the pool into smaller sections and measure each section’s dimensions.

3. Using the Calculator

  • Navigate to the Pool Volume Calculator section on the NorCal Pool Service website.
  • Select the shape of your pool (rectangular, circular, or irregular).
  • Enter the measurements gathered in step 2 into the respective fields.

4. Calculating the Volume

  • For rectangular pools: The calculator uses the formula:

    Volume=Length×Width×Average Depth

  • For circular pools: The formula used is:


  • For irregular shapes: Depending on the segmentation, you might need to calculate each section’s volume and sum them up.

5. Interpreting Results

  • Once you input all the data, the calculator will display the volume of your pool.
  • Use this volume as a reference for dosing chemicals, planning filtration cycles, and more.

6. Adjustments and Maintenance

  • Regularly update your measurements if there are any changes to your pool’s structure or after significant water additions or removals.
  • Ensure to re-calculate the volume for accurate maintenance.

This systematic approach will help you maintain optimal conditions for your pool, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

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