The pool is one of the areas in your home that requires daily care. Moreover, pools are usually neglected and the longer they are overlooked the dirtier they get. The reason why your pool is becoming green is the overgrowth of algae and there are three main causes of this:

  • Incorrect PH balance. Low PH level can cause irritation to your eye and can erode the materials of your pool and high PH level can cause skin irritation and can not kill algae or bacteria. Out of balance PH level can also lead to water discoloration.
  • Change in weather. Take extra care of your pool during humid or warm weather since algae grow in that kind of environment.
  • Clogged Filter. Check if your filter is working since algae can grow and there will also be a probability of bacteria breeding that can cause water discoloration.

Calling in pool cleaners and maintaining it can be costly hence, this is how green-colored pools save money.

1.) Drain your pool

Determine if you need to drain your pool. If you see that the color of the water is turning green or blackish, completely drain your pool and clean the surface with an acid wash. It depends on you whether you will do chemical treatment or drain the water.

2.) Lower the level of your pool’s pH

You need to test the pH level of your pool first so you will have an idea of how much do you need it to be lowered. Testing kits can cost from under $5 to over $50. The pH level of a healthy pool should be around 7.5. After identifying the pH level, you can lower it by using sodium bisulfate and test it again after a few hours.

3.) Pump and filter

Filtering and pumping the water will restore the balance of your pool.

4.) Kill the algae

You can eliminate the algae and prevent it from growing again by using a reliable algaecide. 

You can avoid these situations by properly maintaining your pool or seek help from businesses that offer their pool services such as the NorCal Pool Service. To know more about their offers and services, you can check their website at https://norcalpool.com

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