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Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning & Pool Tile Repair

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If your pool has lost its luster, you may need to get your pool tiles cleaned. Hard water, which is used to fill up most swimming pools, is loaded with calcium.

Because of constant water circulation and evaporation, calcium build-up on exposed surfaces like the tiles in and around your pool are inescapable. These white patches can grow surprisingly fast, and they can tarnish the beauty of your swimming pool.

Besides calcium, other substances such as moldmildew, and algae also eventually build up on most pool’s tiles. These also make a swimming pool look less attractive, and in some cases could even pose a health issue.

If you’re beginning to notice these problems with your pool, it’s time to call NorCal Pool Service, a professional pool tile cleaning and repair company in the Pleasanton area.

We have years of experience helping restore the original look and shine of pool tiles, and we guarantee we can help you as well.

Pool Tile Cleaning & Repair Benefits

Giving your pool tiles a thorough cleaning can enhance the way your swimming pool looks and feels. The bright, glossy tiles will make your pool seem extra inviting, eye-catching, and luxurious.

Furthermore, removing build-ups and residues from your tiles isn’t merely cosmetic, it’s also sanitary and safer for everyone using your pool. If your pool could use the help of a professional pool services company, give us a call today! We will make your pool look brand new.

Why Choose Us

Cleaning pool tiles thoroughly and efficiently takes skills, experience, and the right equipment. Pool residue can be incredibly stubborn and difficult to remove, especially if you’re trying to leave your tiles unharmed.

Our team of trained pool technicians is highly experienced in various tile cleaning techniques. We use the best equipment available to get all the dirt, grime, mildew, and other unwanted substances off your pool tile. Get in touch with us today, and our pool cleaning specialists will leave your pool looking better than brand new.

Pleasanton Pool Tile Repairs

What About Tile Repairs?

Over time, some of your swimming pool tiles may have fallen off, cracked, or gotten chipped. These are usually very noticeable, and even one or two missing tiles can damage your pool’s overall appearance. If multiple tiles are missing, it might also create discomfort while using the swimming pool.

At NorCal Pool Services, we can repair or replace those tiles for you (using salvaged tiles if you have them, or ones we supply ourselves). We also perform a range of other pool tile repair services, so that your pool can remain in pristine conditions.

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Whether your pool needs to have its tiles cleaned, repaired, or replaced, at NorCal Pool Service we have the people and the equipment to get the job done. Give us a call today, and let our pool cleaning and repair specialists make your pool look better than ever.

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