Saltwater pools have been all the talk in the pool community. And with good reason too! This is mainly thanks to all the great benefits they give the people, but what are they exactly? 

Well, here at NorCal Pool Service, we know everything there is a need to know about saltwater pools. They are a great substitute to the usual chlorine-filled one, so make sure to keep reading and you might just want to get one yourself! 

Gentler on your body and clothing. 

The main reason people are buzzing over the saltwater pool is thanks to the fact that it is a lot gentler on your skin and clothing as well. This is thanks to its very natural state, and a lot of the time, it feels a lot like swimming in the ocean too! 

Chlorine filled pools seem to always be really tough on your skin and leave a lot of people scrubbing it off violently in order to not get any rashes. But with saltwater pools, you won’t have to worry about any of that at all! 

No harsh chlorine smell. 

Obviously, since you’re going to use less chlorine when you have a saltwater pool, the strong smell from one won’t be as present as the usual. This will help in enjoying the pool a lot better of course. Making it a better overall experience! 

Cost less to maintain. 

With usual chlorine pools, you tend to spend a lot on chemicals and the like. But with saltwater pools, all you have to buy is the right salt, pour it into your pool, and just let science do the rest. It’s an easy way of taking care of your pool and is cost-efficient. 

These are just a few benefits to what saltwater pools can give. So if you’re having doubts about buying or transitioning to one, then this should be able to make up your mind!

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