Most pool owners do not know the first thing about tile maintenance. Here are some tips for cleaning pool tiles and maintain them for a long time to come. With the help of pool cleaning companies like NorCal Pool Service, it is as easy as calling in the experts to handle it for you.

Use a brush 

One of the easiest ways of cleaning pool tiles is by using a brush with strong bristles to clean the surface of the pool. Tiles can be made dirty by calcium carbonates, leaves, soil, and grass among other things. For areas that are not easy to reach with a big brush, you could use a toothbrush to gently get rid of stubborn dirt.

Use cleaning products 

After removing as much dirt and debris as possible with a brush, you can use a cleaning product and scrub the tiles to remove stains and any remaining dirt. It is advisable not to use harsh products and instead go for environmentally-safe products that are gentle on your pool tiles. To help you get rid of calcium buildup, you can use a cleaning product that also contains a calcium releaser. Vinegar and or baking soda can also do the job if the dirt is minimal.


Another effective method of cleaning pool tiles is pressure washing. It is recommended that low pressure is used to avoid damaging the tiles. For this method, you might not even need to use a cleanser. However, you should consider wearing protective gear including boots and gloves. You should also protect your eyes especially if there is a lot of debris on the floor of your pool.

Chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners are also effective for pool tile cleaning. You only need a gallon of muriatic acid mixed into a gallon of water to get the job done. Using a brush, use the solution to scrub the tiles and rinse off the floor with clean water. 

Contact Professionals!

Maybe DIY pool tile cleaning isn’t for your. If that’s the case, reach out to the professionals at NorCal Pool Service for expert help today!