What You Need to Know About Salt Water Pools

what you need to know about salt water pools

November 4, 2020


Ryan Steele

Salt water pools are often compared to the common chlorinate pool. If you are looking forward to installing one commercially or for personal use, there are a few special considerations for salt water pools you should have in mind. Read below to understand what you should know before installing a salt water pool.


Salt water pools are easy to maintain compared to their alternatives. It features a non-stop production of sanitization chemicals that allows your pool system to clean your water automatically.

LandScape Around the Pool

Before constructing a salt water pool, you need to consider the type of water cleaning needs. Salt water pools tend to cause corrosion on unsealed tiles. The salt water may leave its white resides on the tiles and unsealed stones as well. The water may also corrode metals around the pool over time. 

Pool Designs

You can incorporate different designs in your salt water pool construction. Try a Baja step and beach entrance on both shallow areas of your salt water pool. You can also decide on a lap pool and an infinity-edge when planning on a salt water pool. NorCal Pool Service gives you different modern and luxurious salt water pool designs to choose from for construction. 

Any Effects?

A salt water pool does not have any harsh effects typical in a chlorinated pool. Rest assured, the water will not bleach out your clothes. On the positive side, salty water has positive effects on your skin. Salt water pools lack the typical chlorine smell found in conventional pools.

The only downside to salt water pools is the initial installation cost, which is pretty high. However, once you get past that, maintenance will not be a bother. Salt water pools need to be checked once in a while for buildups and erosion. 

Bottom Line

Salt water pools are much better than ordinary chlorine pools. At NorCal Pool Service, you are assured of rewarding professionalism when it comes to installation and consultation of special considerations for salt water pools at home or any place of your choosing.

Owner, Ryan Steele, is a licensed Contractor, Certified Pool Operator, Certified Pool Inspector, Certified Start Up Technician by the National Plaster Counsel, and a life long native of Pleasanton, CA.
Written by Ryan Steele


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