Why It’s Important to Keep Your Pool Filter Running

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September 25, 2020


Ryan Steele

It’s important to keep your pool filter running all the time because the more circulation the pool has, the easier it will be to keep it clean for longer periods of time. By keeping the pool filter running, you are allowing the water to be circulated and separated from debris that falls into the filter.

With proper pool circulation, the water is continuously moving and keeps swimmers from getting sick. Proper pool circulation also helps protect the pool and filter from harm caused by debris build up. There are several important pieces of information to have when it comes to filtering the water in your pool.

You may be wondering why its important to keep your pool filer running all the time. The reason why keeping your filter running all the time is incredibly important is due to it being a major component of pool maintenance.

Pools that are continuously filtered rarely have issues with cloudy water or excess algae. The best way to avoid these types of problems is to keep your pool filter running all day and all night long. The longer your filter runs, the more circulation the pool water has.

How Do You Get Proper Pool Circulation?

In order to have the proper level of pool filtration, there are three steps you need to take.

First, you have to make sure that the pump is functioning properly. The pump is what moves the pool water into the filter, allowing it to be filtered and chemically balanced when it is returned back into the pool.

Second, you have to make sure you are regularly skimming your pool. By regularly skimming the pool, you are creating breaks in the top layer of the water that circulates the pool water to a small degree, allowing your pool to be cleaner.

Finally, you have pool vacuums that are used to increase pool circulation and remove debris. In all, though keeping your pool filter running is the first step in proper pool maintenance, there are other steps you must take to ensure proper maintenance.

Overall, NorCal Pool Service knows the importance of keeping your pool filter running all the time and has the services to keep your pool healthy and thriving for years.

Owner, Ryan Steele, is a licensed Contractor, Certified Pool Operator, Certified Pool Inspector, Certified Start Up Technician by the National Plaster Counsel, and a life long native of Pleasanton, CA.
Written by Ryan Steele


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