A lot of people when they finally get a pool often disregard its maintenance. “I’ll do it next time” or “It’s too expensive” or “It’ll clean itself” are just a few remarks that I know a lot of pool owners have made throughout the years, and their pools end up becoming either damaged or just downright unusable. 

We here at NorCal Pool Service want to give the best advice for all pool owners out there. We do this so that you and your family may enjoy the great and awesome luxury of owning a pool. 

So in order for that to happen, you will need to know why you need to regularly clean your pool, and not just sometimes! 

Prevents the growth of algae. 

When you clean your pool regularly, you make reduce the chances of algae growing in them, making them safe and sanitary to use. You need to do this regularly, however, because if you only do it sometimes in the span of months, then the growth of algae is sure to skyrocket, making your pool unusable. 

Keeps your equipment working. 

By making sure your pool is regularly cleaned, you save your wallet from having to spend money on repairing your pool equipment like your pool’s heater or pump. Trust me, having those parts of your pool repaired or replaced will be a nightmare. And the fastest way to avoid that is by making sure you keep your pool regularly cleaned. 

Makes it enjoyable. 

Swimming in a pool that has traces of algae in it is utterly disgusting. Going for a dip in a pool that has near to green water is even worse. Or diving into one then cutting yourself thanks to a crack on the tiles is something no one wants to happen when they get into a pool. So keeping your pool cleaned and maintained regularly is sure to make it a lot more enjoyable


And those are the simple reasons why pool owners should have their pools regularly services and maintained. So if you live in Northern California and are looking for a pool cleaning service, then call us here at NorCal Pool Service and get the best of the best!