Equipment & Energy Efficiency

If you’re like nearly every other pool owner in America, you’re probably facing a problem with increased energy expenses to operate and maintain your pool. Less than 5% of the pools we see are correctly designed for efficient water flow and energy conservation.

We at NorCal Pool Service are certainly aware of this problem and have recognized the need to lower the running costs of your pool. We use modern technologies by Pentair Pool Products that allow us to reduce the running costs with massive energy savings of up to 90%.

Make Your Pool Green!

We love green pools, you might think we are crazy if the ‘Green’ you are thinking about is infected and unclean water. But when the ‘Green’ means eco-friendly, a green pool is something every homeowner should aspire to have in their backyard.

You’ll save a lot of money. Energy-efficient pool equipment keeps paying for itself for years in the form of drastically lower energy bills. By choosing Pentair Pool Products such as an Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump, a Clean & Clear Filter, or a MasterTemp Heater, as well as proper preventative maintenance, can lower your pool expenses to a great extent.

green pool needing cleaned and chemicals added

Energy Tax Incentives

Energy-efficient appliances don’t just cut your bills but they can offer you tax incentives and rebates. Click here to see what incentives and rebates are available in your state.

How Do We Help You Save?

beginning of season discount

We can save energy and maintain swimming pool temperature (equipped w/ thermal solar) by using a Variable Speed Pump and running it at just the right speed and twice as long using 1/8 of the energy.

This is known as “The Pump Affinity Law.” The variable speed pumps also allows you to use the higher speeds only when higher speeds are needed. For example, when using the spa, when vacuuming the pool, or for other built in water features.

Using Automation systems like the Pentair EasyTouch or IntelliCenter, will allow you to fully automate your pool system controls with daily scheduling, color light shows and remote access from an indoor control panel, your smartphone, or even the Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.



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