Pool Equipment Installation

Swimming Pool Equipment Installation

Everyone knows installing pool equipment is no easy feat. Numerous parts have to be properly installed or else the outcome could be dangerous. This is why selecting the right company to complete your pool equipment installation is paramount. A licensed pool contractor should install your equipment with precision and according to local regulations.

NorCal Pool Service provides customers with the optimal installation. Some of the most commonly installed equipment includes pool pumps, filter systems, saltwater chlorinators, vacuums, automation, and timers.

These are essential components of your pool. If anyone of these is installed incorrectly, the entire pool could suffer. For this reason, choosing a service with reliable results is key.

Swimming Pool Equipment Installation

If you’re looking for expert install in the Pleasanton area and surrounding communities, NorCal Pool Service is your go-to company. Our quality standards exceed those set by our competitors.

We provide unmatched quotes and a project completion guarantee. We work directly with our team to ensure quality service is delivered to our customers. We know how important your pool is, especially when gathering with family and friends.

A well-functioning pool requires all equipment to be up-to-date and of the highest caliber. This is why we only work with the finest manufactures.

Some of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a pool service company are…

Competitive Costs

We are competitively priced, yet offer more benefits than traditional pool service companies. Due to our vast services, we can offer the same quality for less. We understand the importance of seeking the best quote possible.

This is why we combine professional service with personal service. We listen to our customers and their specific needs/ preferences. There are many different options when installing pool equipment, however our commitment to competitive pricing never changes.


At NorCal, we believe reliability is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. We strive for perfection in all aspects. We believe in strong working relationships with our customers and supporting their pool if an issue arises.


Finding a pool service company with skills is essential. This is why we offer years of expertise combined with our license and state-certification. All team members are properly certified ensuring safety, quality, and longevity for your pool.


We take pride in working with the highest quality manufactures in the industry. Pool equipment must be produced with craftsmanship and quality. We only install the best possible equipment, therefore we only work with the best manufactures.

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