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Swimming Pool Maintenance 

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Having a swimming pool in your yard can be the source of so many wonderful memories for you and your friends and family. It can also create a sense of pride and satisfaction in your home. However, if you want your pool to look amazing, it must be regularly cleaned, serviced and maintained.

Swimming pool maintenance is something everyone knows they should do, but few people have the time and attention to detail required to do it right. If you want the guarantee of your pool maintenance being done right, give the experts at NorCal Pool Service a call today!

Save Time and Money

Many times hiring a professional pool maintenance company can save you a lot of money over the course of your pool equipment’s lifetime. In order to get the best longevity from your pool filters, pumps, and chemical mixing equipment, routine maintenance is very important.

Nobody likes to wake up to a poorly running filter, a weird noise coming from your pool equipment closet, or a pool that looks a little hazy or cloudy. Routinely maintaining your pool is one of the best ways to prevent the unexpected from happening at the worst possible time.

When you get our service, we will ensure that your pool is cleaned and maintained in the shortest time possible within your budget. We will prevent the early requirement for swimming pool repair services so you can save a lot of time and money. 

Professional, Highly Trained Staff

Sometimes maintaining a pool looks easy, but there are are many technicalities that you must know to maintain your pool properly. Our technicians are professionally trained to any and all kinds of pool service needs. We know all the technicalities of pool maintenance so your swimming pool will remain in the best possible condition each and every day.

Correct Use of Chemicals

A lot of chemicals like surfactant and water repellent polishing agents are required to properly maintain your pool. Too many chemicals and your pool could be off limits for days as the levels balance out. Too few chemicals and you could have a breeding ground for unsafe, unsightly bacteria grown.

Additionally, many of the chemicals used in swimming pools can be dangerous to your health if not measured and used propertly.

The pH of the water has to be maintained so it does not damage the outer layer of the pool. You have to know the exact chemicals and perfect method of using them when you are servicing the pool.

At NorCal Pool Service, we have years of experience working on hundreds of swimming pools in the Pleasanton and surrounding area. We know exactly what your pool needs so you can enjoy it every day of the year.

A Better Understanding of Your Pools Needs

At NorCal Pool Service, we strive to be the best pool maintenance company in the Pleasanton and surrounding area. We want to exceed the expectations and desires of all our customers.

We also believe that you deserve to know everything about what and how we service your pool. With each new customer, we spend time discussing the best options available for servicing your pool.

We also ask whether anyone in your family has any allergies or sensitivities that may cause us to reconsider the types of chemicals we use in your pool. We want your pool to be the beauty of your back yard and the never ending fun you deserve it to be.

For one of the best pool maintenance companies in Pleasanton, give us a call today!

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