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At Norcal Pool Service, we strive to be the only pool specialist you’ll ever need for all your swimming pool equipment repair needs. We commit to providing you with the highest level of service and professionalism.

We do the following pool repair projects at affordable prices:

Regular Swimming Pool Equipment Inspection

This is a vital maintenance check for your pool so that problems like the detection of a leak, faulty equipment, damaged hoses, and many other possible problems can be detected and solved to avoid more costly repairs as the problem gets worse.

Pool Filter Repair

Pool filter problems happen because of excessive pressure building up inside your tank. This can cause its components to crack and then eventually leak sand into the pool. Worse, it could also lead to the tank itself to crack or for the filter lid to blow off. If you think you’re pool filter is having problems, contact us today for immediate service.

Pool Pump Repair and Replacement:

Is your pump and other pool equipment aging, getting more costly to operate, or just simply noisy? We can repair them for you or if you prefer, we will replace them with the latest equipment in pool technology.

In-Ground Pool Repair:

If you happen to be planning a pool party and you suddenly sense some defects in your pool, don’t cancel that party just yet. Contact our expert pool technicians at NorCal Pool Service and we will repair your in-ground Pool problems long before your guests will come walking in through your front door.

We service your pool whether it is fiberglass, vinyl-lined, or concrete pool. We also detect leaks and patch them professionally before they cause you serious problems.

Above Ground Pool Repair

You might need filtration repairs and heater or pump tune-ups for your above ground pool. We can also repair your walls if there are cracks, leaks, or rust forming. If you have cracked swimming pool tiles breaking off, or cracked swimming pool tiles needing replaced or repaired, we can help with that too.

Don’t just look at these damages because they will cost more unattended. Contact Norcal Pool Service and have these pool problems tended to right away.

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Give NorCal Pool Service a call today and we will promptly dispatch our top-notch Pool Maintenance Specialists to your property and they will carefully assess and propose the pool repair services and pool filter repair solutions that will solve all your pool headaches.

For Pleasanton Swimming Pool Equipment Repair, there is no other trusted pool service company to rely on but Norcal!

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